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The most important thing is to spread the word and help make sure that everyone has a complete picture about what is happening. Education reduces fear and empowers people.

You can help by printing some of these business size cards and handing them out. This is a non confrontational way of helping people. You can drop them into post boxes or leave them at cashier points. Or hand them out directly.

Boycott Google

Change your browser right now! Many devices have Google Chrome installed as the default browser. Choose a browser like Firefox which does not track you or sell your information nor does it use it against you. It is very easy to do.

Other browser options are: Opera, Brave Browser or Torch Browser. You can search for others too.

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Change your Search Engine

Using Google to search empowers Google to work against you! Google uses your personal information and censors what you see.

It is very simple to change your search engine to another that respects your privacy and right to free speech, such as Qwant.

You can use other search engines too, like: Startpage or Swisscows. There are more alternatives that you can search for.

Don't support Youtube

Youtube censors free speech and decides what you can and cannot see. Support free speech video channels and use Youtube as seldom as you can. If you do use Youtube, don't click the subscribe, notification or like buttons. Here are some alternatives to Youtube where you can find content that you cannot find on Youtube.

You can find many more by searching for, "alternatives to Youtube".

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Don't support facebook

Facebook censors your speech if it is against their narrative. They also use your data for their profit. Make a new account on Gab. Gab is a new fast growing social media network that allows free speech.

There are many other new social networks which you can find by searching for, "alternatives to facebook".

Get Rid of Whatsapp

WhatsApp is owned by Google and can use your data in nefarious ways.

Telegram is a fast growing, secure and private messaging system. Add this next to your Whatsapp icon on your device and encourage everyone you know to make the move.

Get Telegram here

Right click and, "Save Image As" and use the, "Find me on Telegram", image for your Whatsapp profile picture.

A recommended alternative to Telegram is Signal.

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Change your language

Changing certain use of your language can have a big effect in a subtle way.

  • Don't use the word Google, instead say, "search".

  • Don't call it a mask, instead call it a, "muzzle".

  • When talking about facebook, use the word, "fakebook", instead.

  • Don't blame the current problems on CoVid. Instead blame it on government lock-downs.

  • Visit your local hospital and film it - let's see if the bodies are really piling up outside. Post your video to your favourite platform, like Gab.

  • Stop using Whatsapp and use Telegram. Tell people you'll send them a, "Telegram", instead of a, "Whatsapp".

Crypto and Cash

Governments and central banks have controlled their systems through the use of fiat currencies, which they inflate. Inflation is a hidden tax. They control interest rates which should be determined by a free market. It is a corrupt system, which is now developing into Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDC. These digital, "assets", will enable governments total control over you. They will be able to control where, when and how much you can or can't spend.

For the first time in history, humanity get's to own it's own currency through cyptos. This is incredibly powerful and puts and end to government over reach. While cryptos need more development to become mainstream, we should use and promote them as much as possible. We suggest privacy coins, which governments can't trace, such as, Pirate Chain, (ARRR) and Monero, (XMR).

Using cash instead of a card also slows down governments ability to implement CBDC. Try promoting, "Cash Fridays", where you make as many transactions as possible with cash.


Common Law

Governments have captured and corrupted the legal system. They are making laws at will and not for the benefit of the people but for their own benefaction.

Common Law returns the courts to the people.

Learn more at the links below.


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