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The documents and protocols stored here is in a large part due to the work of Jim Humble and a lot of it is reproduced from his books. Please consider visiting his website and purchasing one of his ebooks.

Chlorine Dioxide Documents, Links and Protocols

Andreas Kalcker website

Forbidden Health - Andreas Kalcker

Ernest L Martin. Protocol 1000 variation for AIDS/HIV

More Documents and websites

Pete Egoscue's exercise methods for stopping chronic pain

 Liver & GallBladder Flush (2007) Andreas Moritz

Bentonite Clay (Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth)

Pee Egoscue

Dr Hesselinks'  Chlorine Dioxide Protocol.

MMS Health Recovery Guide Book by Jim Humble

(copyright J Humble. Please consider purchasing your copy from his website)

Book by Kerri Rivera

Dr Lee Meritt

Treating Herpes with Chlorine Dioxide.     Testimonials and how to.

Brian's website and books on Chlorine Dioxide

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