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The documents and protocols stored here is in a large part due to the work of Jim Humble and a lot of it is reproduced from his books. Please consider visiting his website and purchasing one of his ebooks.

Chlorine Dioxide Documents, Links and Protocols

Andreas Kalcker website

Forbidden Health - Andreas Kalcker

Ernest L Martin. Protocol 1000 variation for AIDS/HIV

More Documents and websites

Pete Egoscue's exercise methods for stopping chronic pain

 Liver & GallBladder Flush (2007) Andreas Moritz

Pee Egoscue

Dr Hesselinks'  Chlorine Dioxide Protocol.

MMS Health Recovery Guide Book by Jim Humble

(copyright J Humble. Please consider purchasing your copy from his website)

Book by Kerri Rivera

Dr Lee Meritt

Treating Herpes with Chlorine Dioxide.     Testimonials and how to.

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