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crypto adoption

There are close to 6000 different crypto currencies. El Salvador recently adopted Bitcoin as their national legal tender. While this is a huge step forward towards removing central banks from our economic systems and protecting our freedom, Bitcoin has it's downside. Bitcoin transactions are totally traceable and transparent on a public blockchain which means that the government can see where you have transacted. On the upside the Al Salvadorian public can by the same means see where the government is spending.

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The solution for us is privacy coins. These are growing in popularity and we have personally used and can recommend Pirate Chain (ARRR), Monero (XMR) and others. 

We recommend Monero as it has a steadily growing value and is relatively stable, (as far as cryptos go), it is also better known and thus can be found on more wallets.

Pirate Chain is at the top of the privacy coin game in terms of privacy and security and so may be a better store room.


We believe that the way to get crypto adoption is through wallets. Wallets can now do the task of exchanges. In the past the only way to buy crypto with fiat money was to use an exchange and buy Bitcoin. Now many wallets allow you to buy crypto directly and also convert the crypto back to fiat directly.

We have tested many wallets and can recommend Atomic Wallet and Kraken Wallet.

The Kraken Wallet fills more of our expectations than any other wallets we have tested. You can buy crypto directly from your bank card and deposit back to your bank card. It also supports a huge range of crypto currencies.

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Making it easy

Using your mobile phone, go to your play store and download the Kraken Wallet application.

Make sure you have your ID Card and Proof of Residence at hand.

Follow the registration process.

Once completed you can choose to Buy crypto. Follow the instructions and add your credit or debit card details.

Buy your crypto - done!

You can now send and receive from your mobile securely and privately.

The best way to get rid of government overreach is to stop using their currencies.

You are now part of the solution!

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