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The CoVid scamdemic has highlighted many deceits and Big Pharma's role in the scamdemic is probably the worst of them. Alternatives to Big Pharma and Rockefeller medicine have come to the fore. Here are noninvasive proven alternatives that far out weigh any of Big Pharma's offerings.

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Fauci 'obsessed' with himself, not with solutions for the co

Fauci 'obsessed' with himself, not with solutions for the co

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Master Mineral Solution

Chlorine Dioxide was popularised by Jim Humble, who has done more than 20 years of research on the healing properties of it, under the name Master Mineral Substance or MMS. Due to the exceptional results from MMS it became popularly know as the Miracle Mineral Solution.

There are tons of articles from the main stream media and the Rockefeller medicine fraternity that call this product, "bleach". Please take the time to learn about this product for yourself.


Chlorine Dioxide
literature downloads

MMS Health Recovery Guide Book by Jim Humble

(copyright J Humble. Please consider purchasing your copy from his website)

Treating Herpes with MMS. Testimonials and how to.

Ernest L Martin. Protocol 1000 variation for AIDS/HIV

Chlorine Dioxide

This video below shows you how the chlorine dioxide compound works on a molecular level & is a great watch if you want to learn what you need to know in a short period of time!

Chlorine Dioxide has and is still being used as one of the most effective and safe ways to ensure that water is potable.

A Simple Cure for 97% of Disease the scientific truth of chlorine dioxide

How to make CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)

How to use DMSO | DMSO Uses | DMSO benefits



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